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We are here to help Medical Professionals to begin their practices

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Join With Us?

We invite medical doctors including new medical graduates to join our network as we are ready to provide our fullest support to begin and continue your practices.

Here is what we provide for Medical Professionals when they join our network.

  • All Clinics are functioning in and around Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
  • We offer a competitive split
  • We provide EMR-Oscar training and billing
  • We accommodate a flexible schedule. (Even one shift can be done)
  • Backup support will be provided by the network.
  • We have well-trained support staff for assistance
  • Zero liability on patient’s record maintenance
  • Liability insurance for staff
Any Specialists and family physicians can relocate to our locations

When you relocate to our network, we offer:

  • Support to move your practice-
    Informing your patients
    Moving EMR or Transfer your paper records to EMR for free of charge
  • No rent or No cost sharing
  • Low split or Fixed Management fee.
  • Fee free period 3-6 months


You take care of your patient while we take care of your staff and management